Hidden Gems: Panini Edition by Sage O'Brien

Updated: Apr 25

The first person I ask for a food recommendation is my friend, Sage O’Brien. As a food blogger herself, I felt that it was only appropriate to ask her for her favorite panini shops in the city of Florence, because she knows better than anyone else. Here are Sage’s favorite panino stores in Florence!

Ciao! My name is Sage and I’ll be taking over Rhea’s blog this week to talk about one thing that keeps us all goin’ - food. Follow my food account @sagelovesfood to discover the next thing you’ll want to eat!

Out of all the amazing foods Florence has to offer, one that I’ll miss the most are 5 euro paninis. I was telling my friend that I just can’t get that back at home. The ease of running into a panini shop after class or if I don’t feel like cooking dinner is something America doesn’t offer. What makes them so special? The quality and simplicity of the ingredients! Especially the Tuscan bread, schiacciata which is different than focaccia.

By now, you’ve likely spent all your euros at Pino’s, All’Antico Vinaio, and Panini Toscani. I chose to share some spots you might have not heard of to inspire your next panini trip! Their menus are all handwritten in Italian, so be prepared to ask questions or Google translate.


These 9 euro paninis might not be the cheapest in town but they’re definitely worth the price. You’re paying for top-quality ingredients and the best bread I’ve had in Florence. This little shop is tucked in an alley parallel to the Uffizi. I ordered the “Sicuro” with prosciutto tuscano & stracciatella di burrata. This cheese was life-changing. Run, don’t walk. This is the perfect place to grab a bite after wandering around the river or taking in the wonders at the Uffizi.

Antico Noe

Instagram: @anticonoe.firenze

Looking for different bread and meat? Antico Noe offers an array of ingredients to choose from and bakes a special kind of bread. I ordered the #9 Tacchino- Roasted turkey, brie, red onions, spicy sauce (I added spinach). If you’re craving a turkey sandwich this place serves up some nice slices that aren’t processed deli meat. They use a panini press which crisps up the bread and melts the cheese, what more could you want?


Instagram: @sanwichi_firenze

Student deals? If that hasn’t hooked you I don’t know what will. For just 4 euro you can get a panini and drink (water, wine, or juice!)! This place has a massive menu that seems overwhelming however the staff is very nice and walks you through all the ingredients. I built my own with spicy salami, pecorino, and their sweet onion spread. I ordered plain bread but you can get schiacciata. Their specialty is melting their cheeses and then spreading their homemade sauces on them!

I Maledetti Toscani

Instagram: @i_maledetti_toscani

I haven’t had a chance to try this place yet but I’ve been doing my research and this sure is a hidden gem! A few blocks away from the Duomo, find yourself at I Maledetti Toscani where you can choose from an array of authentic Florentine paninis, warm or cold! If you’re feeling adventurous they offer lampredotto! The reviews say the staff is excellent and the schiacciata is some of the best in town. If you try it before me, definitely let me know how it goes!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! And what are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to a panini!

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