My Spring Break in Amsterdam

My roommates and I traveled to Amsterdam for Spring Break, and to say we fell in love with the city is an understatement. The city was nothing short of magical; with the winding canals, bikes whizzing past, and tulips in every corner. Here are my recommendations if you ever find yourself visiting the Netherlands!

First Up: Food.

I enjoyed some of the best food in my life while in Amsterdam. As one of the most diverse countries in Europe, the city is home to every imaginable cuisine. Although it is hard to choose only two, you must try these restaurants while in the city.

  • Cafe Winkel 43 (Apple Pie)

Amsterdam is known for its dutch apple pie (appeltaart) and we made sure to try the best of the best: Cafe Winkel. This cozy cafe is famous for its apple pie and I can attest to it being one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. As if it couldn’t get any better, Winkel 43 is situated by a frequent flea/flower market, has a terrace, and is full of vintage charm.

  • Ter Marsch & Co (Best Burger in the Netherlands)

Now burgers are not usually my first choice, however, Ter Marsch & Co completely blew me away. This hip joint wins awards left and right … even their fries were voted the best. The interior of the restaurant was full of flowers, neon lights, and sarcastic signage. To welcome us to the Netherlands, the staff even gave us free dessert.


The possibilities in Amsterdam are endless, however, these experiences are an absolute must.

  • House of Bols Cocktail Experience

My roommates and I were shocked to see that Bol’s, the world’s first cocktail brand, was right by our hostel. We impulsively bought tickets, and ended up having an unforgettable evening. The ticket includes a self-guided tour of the gin museum, a drink from the famous mirror bar, and a workshop where you learn how to make two of your own cocktails.

  • Canals Cruise

A classic Amsterdam experience, the canals cruise. What better way to experience the mysterious city than floating through the canals with wine in one hand and Dutch cheese in the other?

  • Red Light District

It isn’t a true trip to Amsterdam without paying a visit to the infamous Red Light District. Whether you take a casual stroll or decide to spend an evening in this daring part of town, there is something to entertain everyone (museums, restaurants, stores, etc).

  • Anne Frank House

An obvious must-see, the Anne Frank house is one of the most famous sights in the world. I would suggest this museum in the morning or on a weekday to beat the tourist crowds.

There are so many things I wanted to do in my short four days in Amsterdam, but there are simply not enough hours in the day. This winter guide combines the most popular spots, while still giving you a unique experience.

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