The Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Florence

Updated: Apr 5

As much as we would love to continue exploring Florence all day long, due dates have begun popping up and the semester is officially in full swing. No matter what region of the world you are in, a list of go to study spots is necessary to be a successful student. Even the dullest of classical art readings can be made a memorable experience with this list of my favorite coffee shops in Florence.

La Cite - Borgo S. Frediano, 20/R

This library themed cafe is my first choice in Florence. The vintage charm matches perfectly with their rich, nutty coffee and old fashioned desserts. There are shelves of books, quirky mirrors, and a table in every corner of the space. It seems this place attracts more than just students; last time I was there I saw a musician writing music and an artist drawing a portrait of the person across from them. Although it is the perfect study spot by day, La Cite transforms into a small bar at night with live music, aperitivo deals, and an entirely different vibe.

Todo Modo - Via dei Fossi, 15/R

This coffee shop is a close second to being my favorite in town. A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a quaint bookstore, and to my surprise I saw the “Uqbar” sign with an arrow pointing to a narrow hallway. I walk in to see a coffee/wine bar, thousands of books, and young Florentines studying on top of wooden tables being held up by ropes. This is the perfect spot to not only study, but to catch up with a friend or eat a homemade lunch.

Melaleuca - Lungarno delle Grazie, 18

Another accidental discovery, this cafe is right by the river and close to one of the FUA buildings, making it the perfect place to hang out between classes. The cafe is decorated with plants and light washed-wood, which gives it the modern environment perfect for typing away on your laptop. Enjoy a wide variety of coffee including my personal favorites, iced oat milk lattes and matcha, with one of their famous cinnamon rolls.

(image from Foursquare)

La Milkeria - Borgo degli Albizi, 85r/87r

Although tiny, this cafe has a giant selection of coffee, crepes, and gelato! The decor reminds me of a vintage farmhouse, and is great for a quick study session or to relax after a long day of class.

(image from Mapstr)

La Menagere - Via de' Ginori, 8/R

Instagram lovers, this one's for you. This building is huge, with each room appearing as if it came straight out of an Architectural Digest magazine. While La Menagere is most known for its restaurant, there are dozens of students working away on their laptops here. This is a great spot to go to for a long study day or for an impromptu photo shoot.

Rivarno - Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore, 7 R

Often overlooked by their popular neighbor, Melaleuca, this cafe is located on the river and has a huge variety of healthy options, such as chicken wraps, vegan lunches, and gluten free pastries. This cafe also has a very creative drink menu, offering lavender and pistachio lattes/sodas. My favorite part of this cafe is that I can always count on finding a seat here because they have a surprisingly large amount of tables, both inside and outside.

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